bullet Education:

A.B. Economics, Dartmouth College, 1964;
LL.B. Yale Law School, 1967


bullet Military:

Captain, U. S. Army Artillery, 1967-69.

Served on the personal staff of John Paul Vann in Republic of Vietnam, 1968-69;

Author of the economic development portion of the 1969 pacification plan.

Awarded Bronze Star.

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bullet Business & Professional:

Practiced law alone in Fairmont, W. Va.,

Chairman of the Board of Kane & Keyser Hardware Corp., Belington, W. Va.,

Manager, Forest Festival Terrace LLC , a real estate holding company;

Private law practice, Neely & Callaghan, Charleston, W.Va., April 17, 1995 to present.

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bullet Government:

Elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates for the 1971-73 term from Marion County.

Elected state-wide to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in 1972 for a twelve-year term. Reelected to a full term in 1984.

Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, 1980-81, 1985-86, 1990-91, 1994-95 - retiring April 15, 1995 as Chief Justice. This is West Virginia's highest court with administrative responsibility for all
lower courts.

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bullet Major Publications:

How Courts Govern America, Yale University Press, (New Haven and London, 1981)

Why Courts Don't Work, McGraw-Hill
(New York, 1983)

The Divorce Decision, McGraw-Hill
(New York, 1984)

Judicial Jeopardy: When Business Collides with the Courts (Addison-Wesley, 1986)

The Product Liability Mess, The Free Press
(New York, 1988)

Take Back Your Neighborhood: A Case for Modern-day "Vigilantism" Donald I. Fine, Inc.,
(New York, 1990)

Tragedies of Our Own Making, University of Illinois Press (Champaign, Illinois, 1994)

"The Politics of Crime" The Atlantic Monthly (cover story), August 1982, pp. 27-31

"The Primary Caretaker Parent Rule: Child Custody and the Dynamics of Greed," 3 Yale Law and Policy Review, p. 168, (1985)

"Insider Trading Prosecutions Under the Misappropriation Theory: New York's Joke on Heartland America" (1994 WL 267860)(1994)

"Why Wage-Price Guidelines Failed: A General Theory of the Second Best Approach to Inflation Control." 79 W. Va. Law Review 1, (1976)

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bullet Academic:

Professor Economics, University of Charleston, Charleston, West Virginia, 1979-1990

Frederick William Atherton Lecturer, Harvard University, 1982-83

Visiting Professor of Law, Fudan University, Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 1984

Member of the Advisory Board, Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) Class Action Litigation Report, 2000- present.

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bullet Prominent Expert
Witness Appearances:

Provided an affidavit as an expert witness in the case of The Lowen Group, Inc. and Raymond L. Lowen v. The United States of America filed in the World Bank, Office for the Settlement of International Investment Disputes in Washington, D.C. This case arises under the North American Free Trade Agreement and concerns a "complete denial of justice" (as that term is used in international law) to Lowen, a Canadian company, in the courts of Mississippi.

Testified in the case of Norman Patrick, etc. v. Protective Life Insurance Company, etc., Civil Action No. 98-C-74-S, Circuit Court of McDowell County, West Virginia, a bad faith insurance case.

Testified in the case of Burford et al. v. The KMichael Co., et al. in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, Civil Action No. 97-C-1027, a case involving a contract violation between KMichael Co. and Kanawha County concerning job creation.

Provided a report (in the form of an affidavit) and was deposed in Land v. Montgomery, No. 92-L-50 in the Circuit Court for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Coles County, Charleston, Illinois. This case was a class action against a podiatrist for fraud, doing unnecessary procedures, and performing substandard procedures. My report addresses only the suitability of this case as a class action; therefore, courtroom testimony was not contemplated.

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bullet Minor Publications:
(Within the last ten years)

"Statistical Models: A Solution to the Individual Damages Problem in Mass Torts," BNA Class Action Litigation Report, Vol 2, No. 9, 11 May 2001.

"Who's Administering What for Whom?" The Sedona Conference Journal, July, 2000.

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